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01.06.2021 — 27.06.2021
Из собрания Гоши Ляховецкого.
Из собрания Гоши Ляховецкого.
01.06.2021 — 27.06.2021
300 / 150 ₽
Tverskaya 21, Moscow

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat from 10:00 to 20:00, Thu from 11:00 to 21:00,

Mon – closed

The exhibition of paintings by Gosha Lyakhovetsky is timed to coincide with the Children's Day. The name "Children's M.I.R." contains several meanings at once: this is a holiday dedicated to children, and a separate world accessible to children’s perception, and the name of the animation film studio “MIR” (World), where the artist has been working for many years.

Gosha Lyakhovetsky is unique in his simplicity of perception, amazing colors of his works, originality of compositions and ideas, which, at first glance, may seem too simple. However, it cannot be argued that the artist's art is completely naive: Gosha's artistic manner is characterized by both refinement and thoughtfulness. Gosha Lyakhovetsky creates his own special style, full of movement and color. His works seem to fall out of time: the artist penetrates into the world of ideas and, as from a source, pulls out images from there in order to bring them into our material world. If you look at his earlier works, which are also on display, you get the impression of a dialogue between the past and the present. Some images and motives rhyme, and time disappears.

The exhibition mostly consists of works that have not previously been presented to the public. When selecting, the curators focused primarily on works with vivid, understandable images from the world of a child, in which good animals, blossoming flowers, loved ones happily live, and at the same time fairy-tale characters referring to mythology: for example, humanized animals with their own feelings, emotions, consciousness. Each picture is a separate world, an independent plot that develops before our eyes. From these worlds, as in a kaleidoscope, an exhibition is being assembled.

The exhibition also presents animated films with paintings by Gosha Lyakhovetsky: episodes from the new film by M.I.R. Children's Album - Clowns and Fish (2020, directed by Oksana Cherkasova), Gosha's Tales (2009, directed by Dmitry Naumov), George Gershwin (2012, directed by Irina Margolina) and Marko's Journey Polo, or How America Was Discovered ”(2013, directed by Alexander Guryev).

Curator V. Olschwang