01.06.2021 — 14.11.2021
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01.06.2021 — 14.11.2021
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Tverskaya 21, Moscow

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Human memory is a repository of knowledge and impressions. And the most beautiful thing in it is the memories of childhood, with its first joys and sorrows, discoveries and grievances.

Our memory is selective: most often we remember only the good things that we took forever with us into adulthood. We recall the pioneer times ("Pioneers of the East" by P.I. Kotov), rest in the pioneer camp - with rulers, hikes, sports competitions ("Pioneer camp in the Crimea" by I. I. Mashkov, "In the pioneer camps" by B. Ye. Vladimirsky), his first childhood love ("Study hard" ("Pioneer with books") by N. A. Kasatkin). And also - a vacation with the grandmother in the village, with the first horseback riding ("Timoshkino" by S. N. Isaev) and evening tea from old cups Grandma's currant jam is still her favorite ("Bread with jam" by E. Zernova). It was also interesting in winter. How fun it is to ride with friends on sleds from a snow slide ("Outskirts of Suzdal”  by Yu. L. Grigoriev)! And how beautiful and festive it was in the Park of Culture and Leisure - in those distant times when "the mother was young and the father was alive" ("In the Central Park of Culture and Leisure" by K. A. Vyalov)... And also comes to mind the warm Moscow downpour, which almost ruined our graduation party. But by the evening, fortunately, it stopped ("A Thunderstorm in Moscow" by A. V. Lee). And the next day, adulthood has already begun.

The exhibition takes place in hall 15. Entrance to the exhibition is carried out with entrance tickets to the Museum.