03.06.2021 — 04.07.2021
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03.06.2021 — 04.07.2021
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As a student, he worked in medical teams that fought epidemics of typhus, smallpox, scarlet fever.

N. Burdenko took part in the Russian-Japanese (1904-1905), World War I (1914-1918), Soviet-Finnish (1939-1940) wars.

In 1937-1946. - Chief surgeon of the Red Army.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), at the head of a medical team, he personally tested new drugs in front-line hospitals - streptocid, sulfidine, penicillin, which, at his insistence, began to be used by surgeons of all military hospitals. Under his leadership and with his active participation, the most important instructions and guidelines for military field surgery were developed.

In November 1942, he was appointed a member of the Extraordinary State Commission for the Establishment and Investigation of the Atrocities of the German-Fascist Invaders, and on January 12, 1944, he became the chairman of the “Special Commission for the Investigation of the Circumstances of the Shooting by the German-Fascist Aggressors in the Katyn Forest (near Smolensk) of Polish officers - prisoners of war ”.

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