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On April 27, 1906, the First State Duma of the Russian Empire began its work. The print media informed the population of the country about this: the citizens of Russia were interested in seeing the interiors of the Tavrichesky Palace, and photographs of party groups and factions, and reports from the sessions.

During this period, political satire became widespread. Along with hundreds of satirical magazines and newspapers, illustrated postcards (postcards) with caricatures and cartoons appear in abundance. Small-circulation postcards with works by V.V. Karrik, made in ink and painted with watercolors - caricatured portraits of Duma deputies and statesmen: S. Yu. Witte, P. A. Stolypin, S. A. Muromtsev, P. N. Milyukov. The famous artist E.G. Sokolov created cartoons of representatives of parties from practically the entire political spectrum. On the basis of his drawings, postcards were issued, which were very popular. The works of the famous book graphic artist, writer and reporter V.A. Taburin are of no less interest. He creates a series of works "Political Parties", in which politicians are represented as playing mischievous children.

The illustrated postcard was widely used as one of the means of political education. Campaigning, satirical and documentary postcards were issued by various private publishing houses by order of political organizations and parties.

The collection of the State Central Museum of Contemporary history of Russia contains over 4 thousand postcards from the period 1905-1907. Made in a wide variety of techniques - printing on paper, photo printing, stencil drawings - they are not only original works of graphic print art, but also an invaluable source for understanding the most complex political processes and phenomena in Russian history at the beginning of the last century.