07.07.2021 — 18.08.2021
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07.07.2021 — 18.08.2021
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Sadovnicheskaya str., 30 build 1, Moscow

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun from 11:00 to 19:00, Sat from 11:00 to 20:00,

Thu from 12:00 to 21:00, Mon – closed

Exhibition “Views of Moscow. Colored lithographs of the 19th century "- a joint project of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia and "Gogol's House ", dedicated to the history of the capital.

The exhibition presents lithographs issued by the publishing house G. Datsiaro in the 40s - 60s of the XIX century. Giuseppe Daziaro (1806-1865) came to Russia from Italy and opened in Moscow, on Lubyanka and Kuznetsky Most, two shops selling lithographic prints. In 1849, Daziaro became the owner of another store in St. Petersburg, and later on Italian Boulevard in Paris.

To print lithographs, Daziaro first used the services of K.I.Pol's workshop in St. Petersburg, and from the mid-1840s, the Parisian printing house Lemercier became his main partner. A wide range of painters and lithographers of that time were involved in the work. Among them are Ferdinand Victor Perrault, Louis Pierre Alphonse Bishebois, Philippe Benoit, Arnoux's father and son, and others.

The publication of lithographed albums with views of Moscow and St. Petersburg by Daziaro was one of the largest and most famous publishing projects of that time. They were sold not only in Daziaro stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris, but also in Leipzig, Amsterdam, London, and other European cities. The popularity of Daziaro's publications was based on the high quality of drawings and printing, as well as on the interest in Russian history in Russia and on the fashion for everything Russian in Europe after the victory over Napoleon.

In addition to Daziaro's lithographs from the Moscow series, the exhibition features engravings by other publishers that capture the image of the city in the second and third quarters of the 19th century.