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12.05.2021 — 04.06.2021
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12.05.2021 — 04.06.2021
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From May 12 to June 4, an exhibition from the cycle “One item exhibition” is open at the Evgeny Yevtushenko Museum-Gallery. The exhibition features a painting “Children of the Sea” by Alexander Telin.

Alexander Vladimirovich Telin is a graduate of the Moscow Surikov State Art Institute, the youngest in the Telin artistic dynasty, brought up in a traditional academic school. Telin is a continuer of the traditions of the Moscow realistic school of painting. One of the few young artists who have gone through the classical school of fine arts, he is the one who managed in a new, difficult time to maintain a striving for positive imagery and commitment to the spiritual meanings of creativity.

The main theme of the artist's work is the harmony of a person and the world around him. One of the important themes in the works of Alexander Telin is a series of children's portraits “... it is important for me to capture the world of a schoolchild until the world interacts with society, when the“ puppet ”age has ended and the personality, character, predisposition of the“ little man ”is already emerging ... ".

The painting "Children of the Sea" was presented to Evgeny Yevtushenko in 2014 in Malta, where the master has recently lived and worked. “I was in Malta and brought a picture of our artist Telin, which I found there,” Yevtushenko recalled. I went to him and was stunned to see this picture. He didn't even have a name yet, and I came up with: "Children of the Sea", and he gave it to me, right away. He said: "For your museum, Evgeny Alexandrovich, here, take it."

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