14.05.2021 — 29.08.2021
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14.05.2021 — 29.08.2021
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The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia possesses, without exaggeration, a unique collection of works by the famous Spanish artist Francisco Goya (1746-1828): the last prints from the master's original etchings, made in 1937. Publishers found paper from the 19th century and carefully studied the technological process of that time. As a result, the quality of the sheets surpassed even the first editions.

The exhibition "I saw it myself ...", dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the birth of Francisco Goya, will feature etchings from the series "The Disaster of War" (80 sheets) and "Tavromachia" (40 sheets).

"Disasters of War" were created in 1810-1815s, during the people's liberation wars against the Napoleonic invasion and the first Spanish revolution. Goya portrayed his compatriots in the period of social upsurge, courageous confrontation to the enemy, troubles and losses. The artist's innovation is manifested in the vision of war as the general disaster, and not a series of great battles and resounding victories, which was the kind of artistic forerunner to "War and Peace" by L. Tolstoy.

 “Tavromachia” series was created in 1815. Goya conceived these etchings as illustrations for the work of Nicholas Fernandez de Moratin "Historical Treatise on the Origin and Development of Bullfighting in Spain" (1777). However, later, the author revised the original plan and supplemented the plot line with personal impressions and memories of the bullfight, not mentioned by Moratin. Goya invested the bullfights in the tragic form, showing the viewer the cruel games with the death of the famous bullfighters of his time, the play of human emotions in moments of closeness to death and the triumph of victory.

The Museum got these unique prints in 1937, when the Soviet Union celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The trade unions of Spanish workers, through “Red Profintern”, an international trade union organization, made an invaluable gift to the Soviet people - four series of etchings by Francisco Goya, which were donated to the Museum of the Revolution of the USSR (now the Museum of Contemporary Russian History).

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