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14.05.2021 — 10.06.2021
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14.05.2021 — 10.06.2021
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This year marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kirill Ivanovich Shchelkin, a prominent Soviet physicist, one of the creators of the Soviet atomic bomb, three times Hero of Socialist Labor.

Shchelkin was born on May 17, 1911 in the family of a land surveyor in Tiflis. In 1932 he graduated from the physical and technical faculty of the Crimean State Pedagogical Institute. In 1932-1935 he studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Physics of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and was a student of postgraduate courses. In 1938 he defended his Ph.D. thesis. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he volunteered for the front, took a part in the defense of Moscow. In 1942 he was recalled from the front to continue his scientific work.

After the war K.I. Shchelkin defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Rapid combustion and spin detonation", then was invited to work at the nuclear center, where he became a colleague and deputy I.V. Kurchatov. On August 29, 1949, the first Soviet atomic bomb "RDS-1" was successfully tested. Among the group of scientists and designers awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was K.I. Shchelkin. He made a great contribution to the development and testing of the next uranium nuclear charge, for which in 1951 he received the second star of the Hero of Socialist Labor. In 1953 he was elected a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences. For his contribution to the development and testing of the first thermonuclear charge, Kirill Ivanovich was awarded the third star of the Hero of Socialist Labor.

K.I. Shchelkin headed the second nuclear center Chelyabinsk-70 (Snezhinsk). The first thermonuclear charge, adopted by the Soviet Army, was developed and tested by the Ural nuclear center, for which Kirill Ivanovich received the Lenin Prize. Hard work did not pass without leaving a trace for health, and in 1960 K.I. Shchelkin retired due to illness. But he continued his scientific and pedagogical activities. K.I. Shchelkin died in 1968

I.V. Kurchatov and K.I. Shchelkin were supporters of the creation of a compact nuclear weapon capable of protecting the country and not requiring huge funds, they talked about the need for nuclear disarmament, about the reduction of tests.

In honor of K.I. Shchelkin named the city of Shchelkino in the Crimea, in 2011 in Snezhinsk the first monument to K.I. Shchelkin.

Most of the unique artifacts presented at the exhibition are being shown to the general public for the first time.

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