18.06.2021 — 31.10.2021
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18.06.2021 — 31.10.2021
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Bolshoy Predtachenskiy pereulok 4, Moscow

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Exhibition and memorial department “Presnya” presents the chamber exhibition “Monument to Labor” from the collection of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

In the age of information technology and high technological effectiveness of the work process, the physical labor of the person would be involved in fewer and fewer professions. However, it was not always, and even half of a century ago, sculptors and artists turned to the topic of labor precisely in its physical beauty. At the same time, the industrialization of the first half of the twentieth century often made the person just the extension of the machine, its part, albeit the important one. The easel painting plots by Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samokhvalov and Alexander Deineka broke the boundaries between human and machine: the god of the machine dictated the aesthetics of daily work.

The Soviet art of the state of the victorious proletariat actively exploited the theme of labor. The vivid embodiment of this trend is the monument "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" by Vera Mukhina.

We present at the exhibition several works by unknown or little-known sculptors from the collection of the State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

Physical labor is often nameless. Steelmaker, foundry, bricklayer ... - only their relatives and friends know the names of millions of workers standing at the machine, but the fruits of their labor are an important part of human life, the basis of the greatness of countries and corporations.

Robots overshadow us from the industrial era, and physical labor is becoming almost exotic. Nevertheless, the generations of workers who, by sweat and blood, created the new industrial world, are worthy of our respect and memory!

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