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28.05.2021 — 07.11.2021
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28.05.2021 — 07.11.2021
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The 100th anniversary of the USSR is the historical date. Even the most ardent opponents of the Soviet regime do not doubt in the significance of the unique social experiment called “the Soviet Union”, in its colossal influence on the world history, geopolitics and the worldview of people around the planet. The name of the multimedia educational project “Country of Dreamers ― Country of Heroes” reflects its essence: we tell about people who lived in the USSR, about their great dreams and grandiose accomplishments. The heroes of the exhibition are workers and collective farmers, builders and warriors, geologists and poets. They built factories and power stations, broke virgin lands, conquered space. They won the Great Victory in the worst war in the history of humanity, and then actually rebuilt the country anew. The Soviet people knew how not only to dream ― they worked heroically, overcoming countless trials. They believed that it would be possible to build the society based on the social justice. The chronological framework of the exhibition, which is the important component of the project, is from 1922 to the early 1980s: this is the time of the main Soviet achievements, which we are proud today. The exhibition contains more than 1 thousand unique exhibits, both original and presented in multimedia programs. The Regional Public Organization “Youth Organization «Prospekt Mira»” with the support of the President of the Russian Federation grant for the development of civil society prepared the project. The participants of the project are the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) — MARKHI, Russian Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS) and Children's Drawing Center of Art Education and Cultural Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Education

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Проект подготовлен Региональной общественной организацией «Молодёжная организация “Проспект Мира”» при поддержке гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества.

Участники проекта: Музей современной истории России, Московский архитектурный институт (Государственная академия) ― МАРХИ, Российский институт театрального искусства (ГИТИС) и Центр детского рисунка Института художественного образования и культурологии Российской академии образования.


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