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28.12.2021 — 03.04.2022
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28.12.2021 — 03.04.2022
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On January 12, 1722*, in accordance with the Imperial Majesty’s Edict issued by Peter I to the Governing Senate "On the Post of the Prosecutor General", the Russian Prosecutor's Office was established. Peter I, who personally worked on the document, wrote about the post of the Prosecutor General the following: "This rank is like our eye and lawyer in public affairs."

Three hundred years separate us from the remarkable day when the Decree, which launched the work of the national Prosecutor's Office, was signed. At that time, the country was entering an era of large-scale transformations, and without establishment of a special supervisory institution, it was impossible to ensure the rule of law throughout the territory of the Russian state.

For three centuries, the Prosecutor's Office together with the whole country has travelled a difficult and thorny path and at all times it has remained the mainstay of the state, which ensured order and stability. Protection of the rights of citizens and the interests of the state are the two main areas where the work of prosecutors defending the spirit and letter of the Law is being built.

As if turning over the glorious pages of the past, the exhibition tells about an entire galaxy of heads of the department –prominent statesmen and wise lawyers. Among them are such names as P. Yaguzhinsky and Ya. Shakhovskoy, A. Vyazemsky, G. Derzhavin, I. Dmitriev, D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, A. Khvostov, A. Rekunkov, R. Rudenko, N.Trubin and many others.

The exhibited materials reveal the role and place of the Prosecutor's Office in the context of the country's history and reorganization of the public authorities, legislation and the entire law enforcement system. Special attention is paid to the activities of the Russian Prosecutor's Office at the present stage.

The exhibition presents more than 320 unique exhibits – both authentic and in multimedia programs. These are documents from the collections of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, State Historical Museum, Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, State Archive of the Russian Federation, Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, and Russian State Historical Archive as well as from the private collections of A. Zvyagintsev, D. Zvyagintsev, S. Rudenko and M. Amirdzhanov.

The exhibition organizes the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, and the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

The project was implemented by Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education "Center of Public Education".

Head of the project, script exhibition author - Alexander Zvyagintsev.

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