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16.03.2021 — 06.05.2021
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Alexander Bibin is one of the most extraordinary artists of our time, from among the glorious sixties, who determined the culture of our country for decades to come. His work is often referred to as surrealism, but he does not have a rigid attachment to certain symbols and meanings. The painter's works sound like a hymn to the beauty and triumph of life - the master's jubilant palette creates a bright emotional and picturesque world, he speaks of the true meaning of being with allegories and allegories. "At a great artist" - as noted by E.A. Yevtushenko, and large-scale themes: the theme of life and love, the theme of His Majesty women, the theme of a philosophical and religious nature, the theme of music in painting. The main characters of his paintings are light and color. The scattered, inner, shimmering, golden light coming from within does not leave a single blank space. The backgrounds work like those of the old masters - Bryullov, Fedotov and Chardin. The elaboration of strange Kustodian faces and hands in his paintings both frighten and attract, creating a fabulous phantasmagoria of portrait images, they are written out with the love of Dutch artists. Bibin is known as an artist who masterfully depicts hands, which, according to professionals, are much more difficult to portray than a face. “Hands are an image of a person, a separate element of the picture,” A. Bibin believed. The maestro's paintings are an amazing riot of colors that convey live human emotions, philosophical thoughtfulness and the experiences of the heroes.

In 1997 E.A. Yevtushenko opened this distinctive artist to the general public, and in 2002 organized a personal exhibition of his works in Moscow at the Museum of Modern Art. “There are no more than 10-15 major artists all over the world who can be recognized by their handwriting. And suddenly - oh, miracle! In Pavlodar, my discovery of the huge artist Alexander Bibin took place. This is a world class artist. Phantasmagoric realism. Rabelaisianism of the twentieth century. I have visited the workshops of the best artists in the world, but when I entered his workshop, I was stunned to see the paintings, large and small, taken together. And I realized that he was one of the greatest artists of our time, ”wrote Evtushenko.

“… There is an artist Bibin in Pavlodar.
He's a foreigner
for me?
How do you,
a Russian with a Tibetan beard.
Sat in jail
but you are not a friend of vodka?
You are an Asian
but a disciple of Rabelais.
Your passport is not by Yeltsin's -
but your life is the meaning -
with great art on the mainland. "
E.A. Evtushenko 1997

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