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The First World War, the revolutionary upheavals of 1917 and the Civil War that followed them became a serious test for all spheres of society, and primarily for the national economy, to which they inflicted colossal damage. The victorious Soviet government was faced with the task of not only returning the country to a peaceful life, but also in the shortest possible time to restore and strengthen its economy.

Small-format drawings in a vivid and accessible form show the viewer a variety of pictures of life, raise urgent pressing issues, using the collective images of the characters of that time - an employee, a philistine.
The undoubted success of the NEP was the restoration of the destroyed economy, the main achievement of the new government, in turn, is "victory over devastation." The monetary reform of 1922-1924 and the introduction of a gold-backed chervonets gradually made the ruble a convertible currency. In these pictures and subsequently in official advertisements, new Soviet money - chervonets and rubles - confidently compete with foreign ones.

Dramatic pictures of poverty and homelessness give way to satirical ones: "Nakhalturil", "What can be seen from the basement ..." The struggle of "old and new", the change of one era to another, is vividly presented in the works of unknown artists. In a restrained ironic form, the socio-cultural flaws of their own era were presented - bureaucracy, fuss and show, hooliganism. Subsequently, many of the works were published in the country's most popular literary and art magazine "Red Pepper".

In the period from 1917 to 1929, the Bolsheviks implemented several options for domestic policy. And all of them were inherently associated with the name of V.I. Lenin, the strengthening of the cult of his personality. At the end of the NEP period, under the banner of an almost deified leader, a new period begins - socialist Russia.

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