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04.06.2021 — 27.06.2021
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04.06.2021 — 27.06.2021
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Lesnaya str. 55, Moscow

вт, ср, пт, вс с 11:00 до 19:00,
чт и сб с 11:00 до 20:00, пн — выходной

The exhibition presents a series of portraits of prominent Russian aircraft designers - the work of the famous Russian artist Oleg Zakomorny.

Behind the well-known short abbreviations - An, Il, Tu, MiG, Ant - are the names of famous Soviet aircraft designers, whose faces are not well known to anyone. Thanks to them, the qualitative and quantitative growth of the Soviet air force was carried out in the 1930s. During the Great Patriotic War, an exceptional task for the country and the army was solved to produce combat aircraft that were not inferior, and sometimes even surpassed the enemy's forces: fighters and strike aircrafts. In the post-war, but very tense years of the Cold War, new generation of aircrafts were designed and taken to the skies: heavy bombers and jet aircrafts. The restoration and further internal development of the country required new types of aircraft for civil and transport aviation.

The importance of these people can hardly be overestimated. This is the history of technology, the history of the formation of the country's air force, the technical and military breakthroughs of the 1930-1950s. Men of the people, who later became outstanding specialists: designers, engineers, testers, mentors, made a colossal contribution not only to domestic, but to the entire world aviation.