16.09.2021 — 14.10.2021
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16.09.2021 — 14.10.2021
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Tverskaya 21, Moscow

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat from 10:00 to 20:00, Thu from 11:00 to 21:00,

Mon – closed

The exhibition "In the Summer House to the West of the Pond" presents works of the Russian and Chinese masters working in the technique of realistic Chinese painting Gongbi.

"Gongbi" is literally translated as "thorough" or "diligent brush." It is one of the oldest styles of Chinese painting, dating back to the 2nd century BC. (Han dynasty, 206 BC - 220 AC). Its characteristic feature is the usage of the realistic method of depicting objects of animate and inanimate nature using traditional Chinese materials: rice paper or hand-made silk, Chinese ink prepared according to old recipes from wood ash; water-soluble mineral paints or pigments, as well as handmade bamboo or wooden brushes.

Over 130 works with a variety of botanical and animalistic subjects will be presented on the exhibition. On some of them, you can also see the human silhouette - however, the person is not key figure, he is only embedded in the plot, where the main character is nature.

An important distinguishing feature of the Gongbi technique is the presence of clear contours. The calligraphic lines used in Gongbi are elegant and expressive. Painstaking repeated application of thin layers of paint gives the work the effect of a subtle glow and rich transitions in tone and color.

Also at the exhibition, you can see works written in the technique of Moguf, or "boneless" (non-structured) Gongbi; paintings made in the genre of "mountains-waters" ("shan shui") in mixed media; silk fans and hand-painted porcelain.

The exhibition presents works by Chinese artists Tu Zhun, Li Zhe, Gong Xueqing, Zhou Bing and Lu Shuangxi, as well as works by forty-eight Russian artists in the styles of Gongbi, Xie-Yi and Moguf.

The exhibition is organized by the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia together with the Moscow Club of Chinese Gongbi Painting Fans as part of the Fifth Festival of Chinese Gongbi Painting in Moscow with the support of the Chinese Cultural Center.

Entrance to the exhibition is carried out by entrance tickets to the Museum.

As the part of the festival, free master classes in Chinese painting and lectures will be held at the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

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В рамках фестиваля  в экспозиции выставки в Музее современной истории России  будут проводиться мастер-классы китайской живописи и лекции.