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13.02.2021 — 28.03.2021
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13.02.2021 — 28.03.2021
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Tverskaya 21, Moscow

вт–вс с 11:00 до 20:00, чт с 12:00 до 21:00
пн — выходной

Popularity came to Vasya Lozhkin after the very first publications of his works on the Internet. The heroes of his paintings became popular favorites, and from the virtual world, Vasya Lozhkin's work moved to exhibition halls and art galleries. At the exhibition, viewers will experience a completely different perception of familiar works than on the Internet: in real scale and color saturation, in an authentic manner of writing.

The works presented at the exhibition inspire one to recall the recent headlines of newspapers and news: often events that seemed vital, in fact, turn out to be a reason for satire.

Vasya Lozhkin's paintings are, of course, today's history. The artist believes that if servers ever overflow, power plants burn out, natural resources are depleted and world political priorities change, the emotional shots of being created by him will honestly and clearly tell about our time.

The exposition presents new works, but with long familiar and beloved characters: grandmothers, "normal men", freemasons, bears, Buratina and, of course, all "postironichnye" cats loved by all. The heroes of Vasya Lozhkin's paintings will make you smile, laugh at yourself and at human fears, but do it kindly, without mockery.

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