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27.07.2022 — 21.08.2022
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27.07.2022 — 21.08.2022
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Tverskaya 21, Moscow

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This is how the chorus lines of the "Anthem of the Democratic Youth of the World" sound – the musical emblem of the World Festivals of Youth and Students. The exhibition presents items from the museum's collection, reflecting the history of three festivals held in our country. This year two festivals have anniversaries: 75th anniversary of the 1st World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Prague, and 65th anniversary of the 6th Festival, held in Moscow.

Series of stamps, commemorative medals and badges, handkerchiefs with symbols were issued for the youth festivals. Various figurines, cups and vases made of glass and porcelain were also made at the leading enterprises of the country. The holiday participants exchanged pennants. The presented souvenirs and objects of decorative and applied art, many of which are exhibited for the first time, reflect not only the history of the festival movement, but also the cultural phenomenon of memory living in things. Visitors could see  clothes of the festivals participants and volunteers, wristwatch with the emblem, the mascot of one of the festivals – doll "Katyusha", bracelet with photos of Moscow views, fan with the image of flags of the countries of the world, as well as stamps, pennants, badges, flags.

World festivals of youth and students united young people from different countries around the idea of intercultural dialogue, creativity and friendship. For example, Moscow in 1957 was gripped by the spirit of celebration and universal unity – the event became the most massive in the history of the festival movement and was remembered by the citizens of the USSR as one of the brightest phenomena of the "thaw" period: for the first time the ordinary Soviet people had the opportunity to freely communicate with residents of other countries. This festival had the huge influence on the Soviet culture, art, and everyday life.

Later our country hosted the World Festival of Youth and Students two more times – in 1985 and 2017. In both cases, representatives of more than 150 countries participated in the festive events that went down in the history of Russia as events that became symbols of their time.