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27.07.2022 — 21.08.2022
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27.07.2022 — 21.08.2022
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Museum presents poster and industrial graphics works from the museum collection, produced for the International festivals of youth and students. Having become the kind of the world-famous cultural events chronicle, posters reflected not only the mood of the participants and witnesses of these celebrations, but also the transformation of the artistic language that has occurred over the years. This year two festivals have anniversaries: 75th anniversary of the 1st World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Prague, and 65th anniversary of the 6th Festival, held in Moscow.

The exhibition presents graphic works, sheets with labels for matchboxes with festival subjects. Some of the works feature the famous "dove of peace", created by Pablo Picasso in 1949, and festival emblems – chamomile with five petals of different colors, symbolizing the unity of the youth of the five continents of the Earth, Matryoshka doll and girl in the cocoanut. Lomonosov Moscow State University has also become one of the main depicted brands. Such prominent artists as Nikolai Smolyak, Nina Vatolina, Viktor Koretsky, Vilen Karakashev, Lilia Levshunova, Miron Lukyanov, and Vladimir Feklyaev worked on the posters.

The decision to hold International youth forums in various countries was made in 1945 at the World Conference of Youth for Peace. Two years later, in 1947, the First World Festival of Youth and Students took place in Prague. In 1957, the VIth World Festival of Youth and Students was held in Moscow – the most massive in the history of the movement: 34 thousand delegates representing 131 countries took part in it. Creative contests were organized as part of the celebration. Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy won the musical competition. His song "Moscow Nights" has become the calling card of our country.