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The document was signed by party leaders Sergei Mironov, Zakhar Prilepin and Gennady Semigin. The Manifesto defines the ideological foundations of the association, its plans and tasks, and also develops steps for its implementation. A copy of the Manifesto was donated to the funds of the Museum.

As Sergei Mironov noted, “a long positive process of uniting all left-wing patriotic forces in Russia” has begun, which is necessary for our country. He recalled that at one time the SR united 10 parties.

“Then, as now, the demand for justice in our country was enormous. But the years passed. And today I will not be mistaken if I say that our people, apart from the demand for justice, also have a huge demand for the truth. People are tired of lying. And a huge demand for patriotism. This happened after the spring of 2014, when Crimea became ours forever and when we empathized with our brothers in Donbass. And today the words "patriot" and "patriotism" sound proudly, ”the politician emphasized.

Talking about the political programs of the merging parties, the parliamentarian said that they are much closer to each other than, say, to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

“We are closer to each other, including in patriotic work, in voting, and most importantly, in understanding the injustice of today and the desire to make our citizens happy,” summed up Sergei Mironov, adding that two days ago, the SR Party was 40 people were accepted - 20 representatives of the "PATRIOTS OF RUSSIA" party and 20 representatives of the FOR TRUTH party. Subsequently, they will take part as delegates in the SR congress, which is scheduled for February 22.

Gennady Semigin said that the “PATRIOTS OF RUSSIA” party has existed for 15 years and is considered the fifth in terms of the number of deputies in the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation.

“We understand that many will not like this association: the authorities, political competitors, various other persons, and especially the enemies of Russian society. We have already heard certain words. We understand what awaits us next: intrigues, provocations on their part. Nevertheless, we can give a decent answer. And the most important answer is our proposal to further unite. Because an alliance is being formed around the new party, ”he said, proclaiming a new motto:“ Patriots! For the truth! For justice!"

Zakhar Prilepin drew attention to the fact that the process of uniting the left caused a wide public outcry, in contrast to the unions of liberal forces, which easily “manage to meet on the same podium, shake hands and forget all grievances” as soon as the need arises to jointly undermine the state. “Perhaps the mistakes and catastrophes that Russia has experienced over the past 30 years could have been avoided if the left had managed to unite in time,” he said.

“The only guarantee of Russia's salvation is unification. Combining youth, aggression, wisdom, intelligence, resources. Everything that I have listed really brings our three organizations together. And this is not the limit. We are, indeed, not in words, not on paper, but really open to further unification, ”Zakhar Prilepin emphasized.