On the part of the Russian State Humanitarian University, the document was signed by the rector Alexander Bezborodov, on the part of the Museum - by the Director General of the State Center for Contemporary Art Irina Velikanova. The agreement provides for cooperation in the field of patriotic education, the formation of interest in national history, counteraction to attempts to distort it, preserve and popularize the historical heritage.

Within the framework of cooperation, joint cultural and educational events will be held: festivals, seminars, lectures, competitions, olympiads, etc. It is also planned to jointly work on online projects, the first of which will be an interactive educational project "Contemporary Russian History online". Its main goal is to form a systematic understanding of the most important historical issues among the younger generation through the creation of projects about the history and culture of the late XX - early XXI centuries. in the Internet space.

An important aspect of future cooperation will be educational activities, the development of international relations, the attraction of new information partners, the popularization of archival, museum and library funds, student internships, the preparation of special courses based on the museum's exposition and collections, and the development of joint educational programs. The issue of creating a base department of the RSUH in the State Center for International Development and Development of the Republic of Belarus is being considered.