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The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia organizes an "Applicant" courses. We invite you to visit the cycle of classes "From the history of Russia from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century." The topics of the lectures will help you better understand the most difficult periods of Russian history over the past 150 years, systematize knowledge, learn how to independently formulate and clearly express your thoughts, prepare for entrance exams to higher educational institutions. Classes include working with historical documents, watching a unique video chronicle of the 20th century, visiting the exposition and exhibitions of the museum. Author's lectures are read by leading and senior research workers of the museum.

Detailed information by phone: 8 (495) 699-67-24.
Classes start on Sundays at 12:00.
Address: Tverskaya, 21.

Individual ticket:
RUB 300 (full)
RUB 150 (up to 16 years old)
02/21/2021. Revolutionary events of February - October 1917
02/28/2021. The Civil War in Russia 1917-1922. War communism policy
03/07/2021. Soviet Russia - USSR in the 1920s (New economic policy, foundation of the USSR)
03/14/2021. USSR in the 1930s. Industrialization and collectivization. Cultural revolution
03/21/2021. World War II and the Great Patriotic War (1939-1945)
03/28/2021. USSR in the post-war period. Reconstruction of the national economy (1945-1953)
04/04/2021. Khrushchev's course towards de-Stalinization and reforming of society. "Thaw" in the cultural life of the USSR (1953-1964)
04/11/2021. Socio-economic and political development of the USSR in 1964-1985
04/18/2021. USSR during perestroika. 1985-1991
04/25/2021. Russia in 1992-1999. Political and economic priorities
05/16/2021. Russian Federation at the beginning of the XXI century